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Shred PM by Vitamiss is high potency night time friendly weight loss supplement for women, designed to compliment the normal approach to diet pill supplementation. It’s unique formula adds in sleep and hormonal balancing ingredients, while cutting out the usual stimulating thermogenic style, to ensure you get a restful sleep and keep your fat burning furnace going 24/7 without insomnia or negative side effects. Combine Vitamiss Shred PM with a daytime stimulant based formula and watch your results compound in no time!

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2 reviews for Vitamiss Shred PM

  1. 5 out of 5

    Bought this with the daytime version of Shred and am just loving it. Its the untangible effects of having less of an appetite and having more energy from these I feel that makes it a worthwhile supplement. I get really good sleeps, im more energetic and most importable my thighs and tummy are shrinking at a pace that helps me want to keep up new healthy habits.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Taking another very strong diet pill my doctor prescribed during the day that leaves me full of energy and insomnia at night. I love how Shred PM helps me goto and stay asleep after being uppidity all day and the thought of a product doing something for my fat loss while im in slumber town is a warm and fuzzy feeling as I count my sheep.

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