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Vitamiss Relax Anti-Anxiety & Relaxation Supplement for Women, is a proprietary formula of high quality active ingredients scientifically shown to reduce the grip of anxiety and promote deep lasting relaxation. We have brought together the most potent and natural relaxing compounds including l-theanine, pyroglutamic acid, curcumin, ashwagandha and beta-phenyl-gaba – alongside 7 important vitamins and minerals, to offer a complete single capsule relaxation supplement.


Try Vitamiss Relax today and let it help you melt away day-to-day stress in the short term and help rebalance your body for long term anxiety correction as well!

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Our proprietary blend of high-quality minerals, vitamins, and powerful anti anxiety ingredients work together with your holistic, healthy lifestyle to relax your mind, and relieve anxiety, panic and stress. Best of all, it’s non-drowsy and can be used day or night!

Stress & Anxiety relief can work by reducing the biological response to stress. Vitamiss Relax assists in muscle relaxation, calms the nervous system, and helps to decrease instances of anxiety, stress, and depression.. Our Stress and Anxiety Relief supplement can reduce the emotional intensity that you are feeling, clearing your thoughts and letting you deal with your stressful moments clearly and calmly.

If you don’t feel more relaxed and anxiety-free after the first 30 days of use, we will issue you a full refund. Try it today!

Relax comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so try it risk free!

2 reviews for Vitamiss Relax

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have a super stressful job and a couple of toddlers at home sometimes leaves me feeling overwhelmed. My aunt actually sent me a link to buy these and they are quite good. I have seen nothing but good Vitamiss relax reviews and figured I’d add to the growing fanbase as it definitely does take that edge off and helps with relaxation. Good price and fast delivery — probably a customer for life taking these as needed to prevent tolerance build up from everyday usage.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bought these for my wife after spending a bunch of time on google looking for the best natural relaxation aids. She’s definitely a more calm person when she takes these and it’s helped a bunch with the stress she was feeling during the holiday season

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