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Vitamiss Detox contains a full spectrum of known detoxifying agents and ingredients proven to aid in the bodies natural detoxifying processes. It can help women flush out excess toxins rapidly and reap the huge list of benefits that follows detoxification. As you unburden your organs and systems, you become more in balance and efficient in a wide variety of ways, rapidly helping your body in achieving optimal health and homeostasis. Benefits to metabolism, weight loss, skin quality, hair fullness and so much more quickly follow suit as you allow your body to get back on track through the cleansing and unburdening that Detox by Vitamiss provides women in short order!

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2 reviews for Vitamiss Detox

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a great little detox and cleanse product for those women out there looking to clean up the act and get maximum body and organ function going. Good price, fast shipping, good customer support on my question and most importantly the product works

  2. 5 out of 5

    Used Vitamiss Detox before my weight loss supplements from the same company (Block & Shred) at the advice of customer service to ‘kick start’ my bodys metabolism so to speak. A month later the detox, block and shred have lead to some pretty sweet fat loss and health benefits. Totally recommend to anyone in less than ideal shape or health

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